1. The Warm Welcome Tenchoo 0:32
  2. Lonely At The Top Tenchoo 0:25
  3. Petrol Light Tenchoo 0:16
  4. Empty Bag Tenchoo 0:24
  5. Headhunters Tenchoo 0:12
  6. Beat The Depression Tenchoo 0:31
  7. Just A Dot Tenchoo 0:31
  8. Headhunters 2 Tenchoo 0:11
  9. From An Ideal World Tenchoo 0:15
  10. Game Face Tenchoo 0:31
  11. Stonedjunglist The Keyboard Killah (Skit) Tenchoo 0:12
  12. The Moon Rises Tenchoo 0:23
  13. Subterranea Tenchoo 0:31
  14. Give Her The Jumbo Tenchoo 0:23
  15. Catacombs Tenchoo 0:31
  16. Pyroglyphics Tenchoo 0:12
  17. Sharks Tenchoo 0:23
  18. The Bangathon Tenchoo 0:22
  19. 2012 Phenomenon 0:18


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Live From The Crojo

With over 12 producers contributing to the music on Live From The Crojo, TenchoO effortlessly imposes himself over the curated selection, with many of the beats sounding as if they would be right at home on a Jedi Mind Tricks or Gangstarr record. Highlights include the intro ‘Warm Welcome’ and ‘From An Ideal World’, exemplifying the depth of Tenchoo’s industry insight and social commentary, ‘Just a Dot’ featuring tusty boom bap production by DJ Evi Denz and strong vocals from Sara Manfredda as well as the music of long time collaborator Haji who, from the sounds of ‘Catacombs’ and ‘Pyroglyphics’ (which features a guest verse from Life MC), has been busy perfecting his haunting, mesmerising production style.

Live from the Crojo is a shout out to all the real emcees putting in work and an album that sets the bar high in terms of actual rapping skills. As you would expect from an emcee like TenchoO, the record is a feast of lyricism delivered over a curated selection of bumping hip hop beats. If his vivid storytelling skills, expert crafted punches and battle bars don’t keep you listening, his endless array of flows will likely keep you fully hypnotised over the album’s hour or so duration.